Olivers Lodge

Holloway Road (or Fache Street on some maps)
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Olivers Lodge has undergone an authentic restoration, reflecting its significant place in the chronicles of the Central Otago region and its category one NZ Heritage listing. Located in Clyde’s historic precinct, the stone-walled complex was built in the 1860s to service prospectors during the Otago gold rush.

The accommodation has been modernised; choose between five Stables rooms, with a rustic character reminiscent of pioneering days; or the six Lodge rooms that showcase elegant contemporary interiors. Alongside the historic lodge and stables, the iconic landmark originally named the Victoria Store, now includes the award-winning Olivers Restaurant and Bar, the Victoria Store Brewery and the Merchant of Clyde cafe.

Olivers, Clyde
Olivers Lodge - Courtyard
Olivers Lodge - Bedroom
Olivers Lodge - Bedroom
Olivers Restaurant and Bar