Hi Im the reviewer you mentioned in your review of Rotorua's Princes Gate, the price came from a public holiday surcharge and I should have said two stands of food, but by the looks of it you had a better day than we did, as we certainly did not get 14 treats and grapes. I also took my husband and son, not a good idea. My objection was that the picture used in their web site was nothing like what was served, to their credit they have since changed this and now an actual picture of their tea appears on the site. Our food was not of great quality, but again it was Boxing Day and so not the best day of the year to expect fresh baking etc. I still disagree with the management, it is expensive for what you get and doesn't even enter the same ball park as the Langham in Auckland in terms of quality, I would pay the extra any time. thanks for compiling such a great selection Im always looking out for a high tea.

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