Hi Rachael,
Congrats on your pages on the various Pacific Island, they are very well put together and informative.
I was wondering if there is a destination you'd recommend for me out of Rarotonga, Samoa and Tonga. I am in my 40's, single traveller on a budget and laying on the beach all day is not really my kind of holiday. I would like to discover one of these places for about 10-15 days and potentially do a diving course as one of the activities. Am tempted by the prospect of seeing the whales in Tonga (would go next month) but it sounds like there is more to do in Samoa and might be more welcoming as well as offering plenty of cheap accommodation. I had discounted Rarotonga as thought it'd be too pricey - prior to reading your personal notes.
Thanks again very much,

Admin:  Hi Oli Thank you. It can be tricky choosing a destination, but I will send you an email that hopefully will help you make a decision.

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